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2009-06-07 10:49:51 by kerli190

my name is andreas, im a boy, and im 11 years me when you can :D


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2009-06-07 20:26:16

little boyson the internet asking to get raped hahah.
just playing dont be mad haa/.

kerli190 responds:



2009-06-07 20:47:24

11 year olds aren't supposed to be on newgrounds.

kerli190 responds:

so what?


2009-06-07 22:52:32

I came on newgrounds when I was 11. I was 11 just like you. I also forgot to read the rules. you gotta be 13 to be on newgrounds bud. Good luck with flash. and never take harsh comments seriously. If you think your game or movie is good, it's good. No one can tell you differantly

kerli190 responds:

lol ok.


2009-06-07 23:13:34

also, your reviews...are very hipocritical. Think more about your reviews and you wont be banned me... *cry* *cry*

kerli190 responds:

what did you submit? O.o